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11 & 12th Science

As your child begins his/her new phase of college life with 11th and 12th junior college, the competition increases exponentially and the pressure to perform enormously raises. And if he/she plans to make a career in Engineering, Medical, Architecture, NDA or Pharmacy, he/she has to cross the hurdles of 11th-12th Boards along with either of MHT-CET / JEE / NEET / NATA / NDA. We, at PROGRAMMATIX provide a unique environment for the students which makes learning interesting. We provide coaching for 11th-12th Science boards along with preparation of Engineering, Medical, Architecture and Pharmacy entrance exams. Our Dynamic, Young and talented team of faculties will not rest unless you are satisfied and your child is successful. The same is proven by our successful results over the years.

One Stop Solution for all Science Coaching :

11th – 12th Science (PCM) + MH-CET / IIT-JEE (ENGINEERING)

11th – 12th Science (PCB) + NEET (MEDICAL) + PHARMACY

11th-12th science Boards for NATA / Designing / NDA / HMCET aspirants

Courses Pedagogy

Subjects In 11 & 12th :

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • English
  • IT
  • Psychology
  • Hindi
  • Bifocal (CS , Electronics)

Competitive Exams :

  • 11th-12th Boards
  • Mathematics
  • IIT JEE (Mains & Adv.)
  • NEET
  • NATA
  • NID
  • NIFT

Our 2 Years Plan

Phase 1

A student enters Phase 1 after attending our Career Guidance session. He/she then participates in our Personality Development workshop, where we have a holistic approach towards overall development, confidence building and improving self image, thus preparing him/her for the two years journey on the inside. The child then enters the foundation course, called the bridge course, where all the basic concepts of 9th and 10th standard required in 11th and 12th are revised and a strong foundation is built.

Phase 2

Phase 2 continues from June till September, where theory and concepts of 11th std topics along with exhaustive MCQs for all competitive exams are done. The phase ends with a Mega test in the second half of September.

Phase 3

Students begin with the phase 3 of their preparation for competitive exams from October until December. In this phase, the portion for 11th std is completed along with theory, concepts and exhaustive MCQs for respective exams. The phase ends with a Mega Test with cumulative portion completed till date, in first half of December.

Phase 4

Beginning from January until may, in this phase, 75% of the 12th std. portion will be completed with respect to all competitive examinations. There will be 2 Mega tests in this phase, that is in March and May, with cumulative syllabus. After the Mega test, students will have a study break for summers for 10 days.

Phase 5

From the month of May, until September, 12th std portion will be completed along with revision lectures for the same. The phase ends with a Mega test in September.

Phase 6

We begin with Crash Course 1, which spans October, November & December, with revision of all topics with respect to all the exams will be done again, along with regular mock tests.

Phase 7

This phase will focus on HSC boards preparation, where regular prelims will be conducted for all subjects, along with revision with boards perspective in the months of January & February.

Phase 8

We begin with Crash Course 2, from March until the date of respective examination a child is appearing for. In this phase, we again begin with rigorous preparation for competitive exams, with regular mock tests, so that teachers & students can map their progress.