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The Year 2010

After graduating from reputed engineering colleges in Mumbai, we got into the real-time experience at Infosys campus. As an engineering graduate, there was a lot of enthusiasm to do something new and innovative. But soon, we started living a monotonous life. Our hopes shattered. The hopes which took years to be a structure on which our future depended. But, not until two friends met. Both different. One was a calmer and more concentrated disposition. Always thought of the technicalities of the particular occurrence of events. The other took great observation in seeking the values in people. The values which are necessary for a peaceful and worthy life to acquire the dreams which one has.

January 2011

Inspite of the differences in the thought process, we had a same dream to be accomplished. A dream to change the education system. We shared and discussed our ideas regarding education system. With this goal in mind, we left Infosys.

25th March 2011

We strived hard to accomplish it. We hunted for a place. The place where we could work and achieve our goals and finally we got it through our relatives… The big day (21st March 2011) when we inaugurated our door of hopes…a family of thousands…first step to achieve our dream.

The Year 2011-14

We struggled a lot, even worked part time to support our living. We started with one student. We believed that each one of them was precious. Hence continued our journey with optimism and fulfillment. As stones are cut and polished to form a diamond, in the same way, we mould students and bring out the best in them. As this year proved to be the stepping stone of our journey, we are fulfilling our student’s dreams by nurturing them and hence our dream.

The Year 2016

The journey which started with just one student has now become the family and friend of a THOUSAND…We are now a huge Thousand plus member family.

The Year 2017

We took a plunge to a new place, with new dreams and aspirations, where Programmatix got not just a new address, but also a new identity. We shifted to Shyam Villa, 1st floor, on 8th January 2017, though with a little doubt and nervousness, but with high hopes and determination in our hearts, we knew there was no looking back now.

The Year 2018

In August 2018, taking small steps towards our big dreams, we expanded ourselves to the entire Shyam Villa, and at the same time our Programmatix family increases in numbers every year! With our vision to revolutionize our youth and our education system, we continue to build dreams and aspirations and gradually reaching new heights with little steps everyday.

The Year 2020

2020 was the year full of uncertainties for the entire world, however it also turned out to be a year with some of our best results and turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Being one of the first institutes to get into action since lockdown Day 1, without compromise on Academics, we grew even stronger and Programmatix made its mark with a strong digital presence and one of the best teams!

The Year 2022

As the world came back to normalcy, with an undying faith & a bigger vision, Programmatix Institute now had a new address to be bigger and better campus, which was also when we moved out of our comfort neighborhood in Rokadia Lane to Sai Leela apt. on SV Road Borivali west. With a bigger space, better facilities & infrastructure, quite a few challenges & an almost roller coaster ride through the transition, by March 2022 we were now ready to build Dreams & Careers in a better way as we still continue to live life the ‘Programmatix way’ in our new campus! However, never forgetting our roots & our basic philosophy, we were now ready to welcome a new phase!

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