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11th & 12th Science


As your child begins his/her new phase of college life with 11th and 12th junior college, the competition increases exponentially and the pressure to perform enormously raises.


Success is liking yourself, liking the work you do and liking how you do it. We have seen that students love putting efforts in subjects they enjoy

Personality Development

Our personality development workshop consists of 15 modules covering different aspects of an individual’s personality, which helps in mental, emotional, social, physical and a overall holistic development.

About Us

The Year 2010…

After graduating from reputed engineering colleges in Mumbai, we got into the real-time experience at Infosys campus. As an engineering graduate, there was a lot of enthusiasm to do something new and innovative. But soon, we started living a monotonous life. Our hopes shattered. The hopes which took years to be a structure on which our future depended. But, not until two friends met. Both different. One was a calmer and more concentrated disposition. Always thought of the technicalities of the particular occurrence of events. The other took great observation in seeking the values in people. The values which are necessary for a peaceful and worthy life to acquire the dreams which one has.

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We at Progammatix Institute believe in study & fun culture. Hence we organize various events to help students grow technically, mentally & spiritually. View Our Gallery